Headlight Removal

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Headlight Removal (Halogen lights)

To take the headlight out.......

- Switch the Headlights ON against a garage door or wall and mark the beam position (For checks after re-installation)

 Mark the horizontal beam line and the upward "tick" area line slope.
 (Obviously done in early evening light.)

- Ignition & Light Switch OFF. (Battery can stay connected)

- Put protective tape on the bumper area below and in front of the headlight to protect the paint finish.

- Do the same with tape around the metal Front Wing that sticks out over the Headlight unit clear lens cover to protect the paint.

- Find the multi-pin connection at the back of the Headlight unit in the engine bay and disconnect. (Orange circle)

- Now looking at the top "banana-ish" shaped black metal plate, remove the 5 bolts circled in the photo below. (Red circles)

- Remove the "banana-ish plate to reveal the forward lower mounting screw (Forward Green circle), remove.

- In the engine bay side of the lamp rear black body backshell lower down, remove the rear bolt. (Rear Green circle)


- The Headlight is now free to draw forward over the Front Bumper, taking car not to score the protective taped areas and damage the paintwork.

- Reverse of above to fit.

Bolt Torque settings:

- Metal Plate 3 small bolts - 8Nm.

- Metal Plare 2 large bolts - 4.5Nm.

- Lower part of Headlight - 4.5Nm.

- When installed and electrically connected, switch on the headlights to check working and also with the alignment markings on the wall. http://www.sciroccocentral.co.uk/roccopedia/index.php?title=Headlight_adjustment