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Retrofitting Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TPMS

This guide was tested on a 2009 Scirocco w. red MFD, but should be the same for model year 2008-2011.

How does the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System work?

The standard ABS system checks the rotation speed of the individual wheels. If one wheel is a slower than the rest, then it is probably skidding, and the brake on that wheel is released a little.

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is a piece of software, that takes the same ABS systems information and says: If one wheel is a little faster* than the rest, then it is probably flat, and turns on the warning light. It just needs to be reset, to know what "normal" is, when You change tyres.

Therefore, the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System does not need any additional hardware. Just the reset button.

  • when the tyre is flat, it has an effective smaller diameter, and must turn a little faster to keep up with the rest of the car so to speak


Torx 20 screwdriver
Socket wrench with 10 mm top, 13 mm top and a long extender


TPMS harness for Golf V 2008, incl. button
You will then receive the pictured and a link to this lovely guide German!

Click Here

Install the button

This is easier than it sounds :-). See the Kufatec guide (above) for pictures. Pull the stickshift/DSG surround up, unscrew two torx 20 screws to get to the ESP button in the console.

Unplug the ESP wires and put them in the little black plug/holder supplied in the kit in the same relative place - left to left & top to top - there are very small numbers on the plug/holder to guide You (except the (purple)black/green wire, leave that in the ESP button).

The little black plug/holder now fits into the harness, leading to the red plug for the TPMS button. The black/green wire goes into the blue plug/holder on the harness, which is then inserted into the white ESP plug.

Then You are left with a very long wire, which must be routed to the engine bay. There is a hole in the bulkhead/firewall with a rubber seal, just for this occasion. In a mainland car, it is about a foot from the left wing. Below You can see my guide wire going through the hole.


You probably need to remove the battery to get to the other side of the hole in the bulkhead/firewall. This is what You must remove before You can unscrew the battery-holder tap.


PS When I re-connected the battery, there was several faults in the display, and the windows only closed half way! When I finished freaking out, and drove about 50 meters, everything was back to normal. Only had to set the time again.

Connect to ABS controller

OBS The Golf V guidelines included with the harness states that the long wire should connect to pin 27 THIS WILL NOT WORK on the Scirocco. For the Scirocco You must connect to PIN 35. (see this [1] wiring diagram if You are into electronics).

In the right hand side of the engine bay You will see the ABS pump with brake pipes coming out of it, next to it is the ABS controller plug. You need to pull up on a big plunger type securing bar (straight upwards vertically), and it will release the ABS control unit which can then be pulled out to the left.

You must then remove the back cover of the ABS unit (to reveal where the wires go in). PIN 35 can be identified by tiny and hard to see numbers stamped into the plastic, so use a good torch. You need to push the white silicon plug/grommet out before you can push the new TPMS wire in. I used a wire coat hanger (straightened out obviously, with the end folded over as at first it just pierced through the grommet instead of pushing it out). by iAmbu

OBS There is a white silicone tap/cork in every unused PIN hole. This can be pushed out with a nail from the side seen in the picture below.

OBS You must also push the purple pin-lock thing two millimetres to open before inserting the new pin. Remember to close afterwards.


Code the car to know TPMS is installed

In VAG-COM version 10.6 or better, go to Controller 03 - ABS Brakes, select function 7 (long coding), select long code helper, select Byte 16 (second to last bit/field) and set Bit 2 "TPMS installed". Click yes, commit, execute, save, (or what ever that button said).


Thanks to RW1

Additional info:

quote=oferelijah: "In vag com 10.6 there is a new param for tpms. It should be on?"

quote=RW1: "No, your Scirocco uses the Mk60EC1 system for TMPS ie Tyre Pressure Monitoring TPMS / PR-7K6. This TPMS uses the ABS sensor signals to determine differences in wheel rotation for a tyre deflation. Its turned on in 03 Controller, not 09.

That bit isn't new that you've found, its just been documented. Its to do with the older system where air pressure monitors with RF links are fitted to the wheel valves on the inside of the wheel rim, therefore inside the tyre. ie. TPMS PR-7K3/K4/7K5 systems.

The label files are universal, so they present items that are not fitted to the Scirocco.


Verify Installation

When You start the car, you will have one more icon flashing shortly on the speedometer. With the ignition turned on, push in the TPMS button. The green TPMS icon shows on the speedometer. After around three seconds You hear a beep, which means the TPMS is now reset and starts learning the new values. It will take from 100 - 500 km to learn the new values, depending on how much highway driving You do.


From now on, You must reset the TPMS every time You change or rotate tyres.