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What is Premium Bluetooth / rSAP

It is important to understand that the VW "Premium Bluetooth" has nothing to do with what is commonly known as bluetooth.

Bluetooth as understood by 99% of user: The carradio act as a wireless headset connected via bluetooth. VW has been delivering this (a Siemens unit?) for a long time, called UHV Bluetooth (Universal Handsfrei Verband??) And it works with ALL phones that have Bluetooth (yes, also the iPhone).

Nokias "Premium Bluetooth" = rSAP (= remote SIM): The car has its own phone, which takes on the identity of Your phone (actually the SIM ID), leaving Your phone disabled for the duration. This is a Nokia invented concept, that involves buying a fixed Nokia phone for the car, so other phone compagnies are not exactly jumping with joy to implement this Nokia protocol.

Real Handsfree Bluetooth

Unfortunately VW do not tell their customers that the "Premium Bluetooth" is NOT = handsfree bluetooth.

I solved this by changing the factory fitted VW "Premium Bluetooth" install to VWs last years UHV Bluetooth. It was litteraly unplug, plug in and it worked - litteraly with no tools required. :-)

Now I have real bluetooth in the car using the factory installed microphone in the celling, it talks to iPhone, it works with RNS 510 nav/radio, it works from the MFD and steering wheel buttons - it can even voicedial.

Parts Needed

If you have rSAP then you have a Nokia box under your front right seat. Like this:


It is plugged in with a multi-plug and a red wire (which is to the GSM antenna on the roof) Mine was mounted in a styrofoam box, which was velcroed to the floor (!)

You need to buy a UHV Bluetooth box to replace it with (in stock at VW, as a spare part) It is sometime called a Skoda Bluetooth (it is the same box in Skoda, Seat, VW & Audi) See here for the right part number (from MY-GTI.COM where they have plenty more info)


I paid 300 euro for mine, but You should be able to get it used a lot cheaper.

AND You need the bluetooth antenna part nr. 8p0 035 503 e (n.8 in pic below) The new box does not need the GSM antenna. The bluetooth antenna plugs in about the same place on the new box instead. Eadci.jpg

OBS VW has realized the error of their ways, and now offer a new different Bluetooth module, that actually supports Bluetooth handsfree!

[quote="MrSimmo"]Ok quick update guys

Installed the new VW Bluetooth module yesterday (7p6 035 730 c), was a simple unplug/plug with the old RSAP unit as expected.

Works fine with the iPhone 3GS (IOS4) and supports multi-pairing (I've paired both my iPhone and my Nokia to it at the same time) although the RCD-510 only displays the first paired phone in the Phone screen, you can take calls with either.

Bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP) works although the sound quality isn't as good as the MDI connection. I suspect thats more the iPhone than the Bluetooth module. There is no bluetooth audio control from the dash though on the iPhone, you can only start/stop/select tracks from the phone itself and the display just says "Bluetooth Audio" without any further details. I'm not sure whether this is VW's half arsed attempt at building Bluetooth Audio or whether its the iphone (although the iphone does support this on a friends Sony headunit).

The phone does get confused though with MDI connected and Bluetooth turned on and when you play music through MDI you get no sound. A workaround I found was to let the phone connect via bluetooth to the car and when its finished connecting I then plug in the MDI - works fine with either Bluetooth audio or MDI audio that way.

Cheers, Simmo[/quote]

[quote="andreavassallo]I bought and installed the latest module: 5N0 035 730 D (2011)

It works perfectly, even with the IPhone, and no VAG-COM coding was needed... just plug n play![/quote]


Unplug red antenna wire and big multiplug from old box, plug big multiplug in new box, plug in the little plate antenna(n.8) Start the car and it works like a charm  :-)