multiple DTCs after washing car

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multiple DTCs after washing car

Postby johnaboy183 » Thu Oct 22, 2020 4:18 pm

On the morning I was taking my car ( Scirocco 2.0TDI 170) for its MOT I hosed it down to just get rid of the dust. An hour or so later set off for the test centre and after about 300 yards both the ABS and EPC lights came on. Looked back through rear window and I was being trailed by a plume of very heavy steam or smoke. Stopped the car and switched off then back on but both lights still on when re-started. Continued on and then the engine management light also came on plus limp mode!
Apart from the usual limp speed restriction the brakes and handling were fine. Parked at MOT station and explained to them that it would be pointless putting car through as it would obviously fail with ABS and EPC lights on. Luckily my wife was following me in her car (which also needed its MOT within days) to pick me up at the centre so they agreed to do her test in place of mine. ( Luckily hers went through the MOT without even an advisory!!)
Went out and started the Scirocco and the engine management light went out and limp mode gone. We returned home where the only thing I noticed was each time I came to a stop with the engine running there was an unusual chugging sound from the engine compartment ( most noisy in the passenger side wheel well). It sounded for all the world like a washing machine when it rotates and gives out a slow rythmic chugging noise. This was not like any kind of misfire chugging noise and engine was running very smoothly.
At home i used my VAG Com to read the DTCs and check the ABS wheel sensors and ABS pump (All of which checked out as fine).
The Vag com showed some 7 Error codes all generated on that day ( mostly shown as intermittent)for everything from the engine DTCs, ABS pump wheel sensors, Climatronic to even the burglar alarm!
Next day I cleared all DTCs and car was started with no ABS or EPC lights showing and several test drives since have shown no DTCs and no ABS or EPC lights appearing and all wheel speed sensors functioning normally. Also chugging noise from engine compartment gone!
I have to suspect water getting onto or into either the main ECU or into wiring or a connection somewhere to cause so many intermittent faults all at the same time.
Just come back from another 7 mile drive with absolutely no warning lights and no washing machine under the bonnet!!
Although the car is 10 years old now it only has 18k on the clock so heavy wear not an issue.
Has anyone had a similar experience or found a common route for water getting into vulnerable electrical components on the Scirocco ???
Any thoughts would be very gratefully received.
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Re: multiple DTCs after washing car

Postby Harlembob » Fri Nov 06, 2020 5:45 pm

I was driving on a country road which was partially flooded. I slowed down and drove on the middle of the road. Next time I tried to start the car it took several attempts before it finally fired up. The engine management light stayed on and would not rev up past 3 on the rev counter. Booked it in to the garage, but the next day the light was off and has been driving well since. Still taking it to the garage to read the codes if there is any history.
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