Supercharger and boost pressure codes

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Supercharger and boost pressure codes

Postby Sam68 » Wed Oct 21, 2020 10:24 am

Hi folks,

new member, thanks for allowing me on :-) Great forum - full of excellent info.

Have had a few issues with my 160 over the last few years resulting in rebuild almost 2 years ago.

Timing belt, water and oil pumps all replaced at the same time. Coil pack, pistons, cylinder head gasket etc...

I feel as though the car still isn't performing as should despite full service every <10k miles.

After last service it has been running better/smoother however struggling to go over 3k revs (I don't drive heavily very often).

I had the 2 codes below which I cleared, however they will be back next time I try to high rev.

04267 Magnetic Clutch for Supercharger Excessive Wear P10AB

00564 Boost Pressure Regulation Limit Exceeded (Over Boost Condition) P0234

Wondering if anyone had any experience of same issues and what they did to fix.

Really love the wee car, but starting to feel like a need to make a change if continues to drain the bank balance :-(

Not experienced at all in mechanics, so thanks in advance for any help! :)

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